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ShinsFriends: 7jib hint round 4!! Now you know what subject it is from the teaser photos! I’ll give a lot (of hints) in round 4!! (Hint - 김탄 (kim tan) 차은상 (cha eunsang) 최영도 (choi youngdo) 유라헬 (yoo rachel)) so in doing this, the 7jib album’s hints finishes~ it’s really easy ELFs!! Hurry make a guess!! But~ you can’t do that ~ ㅎㅎㅎ

AllRiseSilver:@ShinsFriends :Who wants to wear the crown, bear the crown

@ShinsFriends: @AllRiseSilver Crown?? this?? is this what you’re talking about?? crown?? what are you talking about??… Excuse me, I’m sorry but… crown?… It seems that you are misunderstanding something.. It’s not crown…^^ kkkkkk because of you, ELF are getting confused!!

(Source: shirade)

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